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If you read this article, it means you visited this page not through the first link "free download, music, find out everything about your last name”. People who search for shocking news and visited this page by mistake can also leave it. We smoothly move to a lecture in tells cultivation and a remark of a Russian announcer Mikhail Semin concerning an article about Erik’s smile: "I strongly question the fact that, for example, Seidel will demonstrate such smiles during the hand.” The phrase "for example” stipulates more than one player. Well, let it be Erik.
However, I will argue sort of superficially as in my opinion there is no place for doubt. Let us keep to the point. The source is: Russian Fight. The second hand of the first series from the fourth minute. All the faces are familiar. Denis Kuznetsov and smiles of a nice American with Belarusian background. In this case we can exclude dynamic hints. Facial gesture will be enough for visualization.

So, Nefteyugansk vs America. Preflop. Blinds are small, that is why by default there is only 300 in the pot. All the players up to a resident of the Khanti-Mansi region fold. Weather-warn in cold winter and unpampered by a short summer Denis (cuttoff) bets 500. Batton – fold, Seidel – call, BB – fold. Players are left face-to-face. It is reasonable to consider preflop tells in details only when readers’ skills are close to the medium level. Otherwise we will provoke a number of questions.

There are 1200 in the pot. The dealer lays out a flop 3d8s3s. It might seem that I missed something important. Say, opponents’ hands. Actually I did not. We do not need to know them in order to observe the opposition of these persons. By the way, it’s a useful habit to disregard opponents' cards while watching the game. It is easily acquired and helps when playing at the real table… Erik check. He presents spectators with a light, unmasked smile of pleasure:

Kuznetsov without any doubt bets 600, and having sniffed, makes a continental poker face. This facial gesture is certainly informative if you know what to look at:
The opponent goes further and raises 1500. It is more than obvious that there is something wrong with the smile. For beginners the smile might seem the same, but we have something to compare with:
Yes, it is high time for making preliminary conclusions concerning the intuition of the New-Yorker. He does not really like his own attack. But what is 1500 for Nefteyugansk in hectares? Almost ten times less than the total area of the city! A light call, for sure. And as readers say, there is still (a more distinct) "Madonna’s smile”:

The dealer finishes the desk with 3d8s3s7h. What will the former backgammon player do? Plus 2200 and there is 6400 in the pot. Analogy of pleasure remains the same. And the representative of a distant region shook up, as if he walked to a terrace, gaped, gave a stretch… But there is no Yugan Ob. There are the Pyramids and the Uzbeks planting watermelons. With the same expression of surprise (+ masked smile), call:

There is a 9с on the river. Erik Seidel does have an experience-earned intuition. It is senseless to go to the North wearing a light shirt, even if there is a label FullTilt on it. He checks with a presented above expression. However, the opponent continues to defend reputation of the Ust-Baliksk minefield. He bets the remaining amount (3200) and the pot is 8600. It seems that he feels proud for the whole central Ob region:

The opponent reacts. A hint from the article "A smile of Erik Seidel” will help you to understand if the reaction is sincere:

In a moment (during the call) the smile changes into a grin:

It is a real luck that an editor decided to show the same from another shooting angle. That is to say, the same Easter ovals, from the side-view:

Even a low quality of the picture cannot mask Seidel’s observation. Although belatedly, but he believed in Denis Kuznrtsov’s strength, who simply did not manage to hide his glory. Seidel understood the complexity of situation. However he makes a present with a face of a dentist’s patient. He willingly decided to keep a miserable stack. It is up to him, actually.

At this point, Mikhail Semin should have taken Lermontov for a model who wanted to whirl Pushkin’s wife to the Caucasus. He looked at her from behind a column and was ashamed of his wish. He fell on his knees and said: "Pushkin, where is your dagger? Here is my chest!” Alexander Sergeevich started to laugh. We will also have some fun, as the first article discovers one of the weakest features of Erik Seidel. Similar and unique smiles are typical of him during the hand.

If anyone is interested in hands of opponents, you are welcome: Denis – AdAh, Erik – 8h5h. A fable ends with a moral as a rule. But not this time. It is up to you to decide whether to give up or to continue the opposition when there is only one magazine left. In case you found the article useful, the result is yours.

Oh, yeah! But that was not the end of discussion with the poker announcer. He continued to look for methods of being faultless. Let us leave it for the next time. The next article will help you to decide if it is funny or sad when some people mix up their wishes with facts. Meanwhile, we move to the next lecture…
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