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Everyone is successful in a certain sphere while the others are wondering and willing to have the same skills. Poker is not an exception. My former best skills proved useful from the moment when I became interested in the game. Thus a smile of delight appears itself. Let us have a look at smiles of opponents. Who will we start with? Let Erik Seidel smile at us:

Everyone who agrees with the fact that it is a pleasure to see somebody’s lips edges lifting up either while greeting, or during the conversation, give a nod. In a literal sense – give a nod. Let us make a smiling Erik pleased. Especially as at the moment the situation does not seem funny to him. Or someone actually believed in sincerity of his emotion?

We do not need to know all the details of game situation in order to say that at this moment an eminent player is in real trouble. It takes a keen disappointment to smile like this. There is a mask on his face, which meanly conceals a number (!) of negative feelings. Even disgust is among them. However, we do not need to know all the nuances of their demonstration in order to find ourselves as favorites of the hand. Only one (!) sign can make us go all-in.
Of course there are more signs, as readers have to use systems of tells in order to precisely verify the state of opponents. In this case, it is extremely obvious that greater zygomatic muscles are completely inactive. But when a person feels happy and pleased they are always involved. I will simply point it in order not to waste time:

Oh, what a pleasure to look at him! Cheeks are lifted up in a completely other way. It means that the pleasure is sincere. I would not definitely like to see such a smile after a hand. And if it happens, we’d better withdraw with such a celerity that will make Jim Kerry feel jealous.

Naturally, such demonstrations of emotions, as the second picture shows, take place quite seldom. However, the greater zygomatic muscle continues to expose not a single trickster, hiding a monster in his sleeve. Those who read my notes before know that there are dozens of different smiles. And still it is senseless to consider all of them, as more frequently they are interpreted on the basis of combination with the other facial muscles. And this topic goes far beyond the scope of this article.
By the way, many people misbelieve that they are able to recognize false and sincere smiles. Results of experiments are of random nature, as if tested persons simply try to guess what those pix reflect. I am sure that in the first picture the majority considered Erik Seidel’s pleasure as a shiny coin. Thus, it is better to get back to classics. What does a sincere smile look like?

The description might seem boring, but at least it is obviously professional. And the word "professional” means that you acquire valuable information. And it is pleasant indeed. So, below you will find features of a smile, which might be referred to a sincere positive emotion:

1. An important feature – a greater zygomatic muscle, which lifts cheeks upwards, is active.
2. An important and dim feature – in case of a wide smile eyebrows are lowered (scarcely noticeable).
3. A sincere smile is mostly symmetrical.
4. Wrinkles and baggy lower eyelids are more explicit.
5. The so called crow’s feet appear or become more explicit on the outer edges of eyes.
6. The eyes are pursy.
7. A sincere smile is more stable. Dramatic changes are not typical of it.

Even such a general consideration of smiles makes you stronger. Therefore, below you will find a little test and try to guess yourself which picture represents bluff and which а sincere pleasure:

And the second picture:

I intentionally provided different shooting angles and methods of demonstration. Furthermore, those who used to perform such tasks know that I like to set traps. In other words, both pictures can reflect sincerity or bluff. That is why you will have to be more attentive. Good luck!

P.S. The main point is not a correct answer, but the difficulties you have faced. It is a rule: correction of weaknesses makes us stronger. Therefore, minuses are enjoyable as they provide an opportunity to cross them. And this is a plus.
Our friends: the translational company TETRAN.
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